Giorgio Forattini was born in Rome in 1931.High school diploma (Liceo Classico) . For two years he attends the University of Architectural Arts in Rome and a Theatre Academy.In 1953 he quit univerity to start working in an oil company in northern Italy. Later on he became a sales agent for an oil company in Naples.In 1959 he returns to Rome and starts working for a record company where he later becomes  sales executive.From 1967 to 1969 he is a household appliances sales agent.In 1970 he works as art director for an advertising company in Rome. At the end of the ‘70s he wins a cartoon contest put out by a Roman newspaper Paese Sera and becomes maker-up for that newspaper.In 1973 his first political satirical cartoons appears in the magazine Panorama where he contributes ten years and in Paese Sera in 1974.In 1975 he quits Paese Sera to join and contribute in tile newly founded daily newspaper La Repubblica where he starts working permanently as satirical cartoonist.In 1982 he passes on to another daily newspaper La Stampa of Turin. Here he renews the grapical parts and draws a satirical cartoon that appears on the front page in Italy for the first time. At the same time the author is in charge for the image and marketing launch of the FIAT UNO car as well, for four years, the advertising aspects of the Italian airline company Alitalia.At the end of 1984 he returns to La Repubblica: daily his editorials are published on the front page.At the same time he also starts working for L’Espresso up until the end of 1991, when he goes back to Panorama magazine where he collaborates until the end of 2009.On December 31st 1999 Forattini quits La Repubblica due to an action against him proceeded by the former Prime Minister Massimo D’Alema. After that he is called back from Gianni Agnelli, the publisher of the daily newspaper La Stampa, working there for the following five years.From 2006 to 2008 he publishes for Il Giornale in Milan, followed by a collaboration with QN – Quotidiani Nazionali – Il Giorno, La Nazione, Il Resto del Carlino until 2009.During his long career he’s been awarded with many prizes and acknowledgments: the Premiolino in Milan, Premio Umorismo of Bordighera, of Tolentino,  the Premio Hemingway for the journalism section, Premio Satira Forte dei Marmi, Premio Pannunzio in Turin, Premio Speciale Ischia  Giornalismo, Premio Acqui Storia.In 1997 he got the Ambrogino d’oro from the city of Milan.The major of Trieste confers a civic merit to Mr Giorgio Forattini on November 12, 2004. He’s got the free municipality of Zara in exile Freedom of a City and of Asti. His first book "Referendum Reverendum" was published by Feltrinelli in 1974. So far 55 other books of his have been published by Mondadori. Since 1974 Forattini sold about 3.000.000 copies.

2014-2015 he worked for

His new book, L'Abbecedario della politica, published october 2017, is about the creation of the drawing, step by step from the first partial sketch to the final result.